Number Plates website – CMS for

Sometimes a flat website with simple, clean coded and standards compliant code is just not enough. Sometimes you need a full blown CMS system at the backend of your website to give the site it’s key functionality. This was the case for CARREG who supply private number plates to the car owning UK public. Personalised registration variations are in their millions, this requires a well structured and searchable database to power the searches that potential customers will make trying to find a reg plate that reflects something personal to them.

The most widely used system powering websites across the globe is WordPress. WordPress has come a long way since it was a mere blogging platform. It’s open source credentials and standards compliance has led thousands of developers to push the platform forward to the impressive system it is today. We have used WordPress to power a traditional car blog but also the CARREG website, incorporating an industry leading front-end car registration search facility as well as their own backend CMS for internal business management.

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