Advances in web design technology

At the time of writing (2016) it feels as though we are almost reaching a point where web design technology is nearly as good as we would dream it would be.  In recent years we have struggled to use flash sites on mobile devices and had various other incompatibilities which have caused much frustration both to the casual user and the web developer alike. With Html5 we now have a framework which allows more seamless and problem free web use and mobile devices can at last play streaming video without flash support (take a look at Stream TV).  We recently designed the new website for Amuse Magazine a London online magazine. The homepgae has a dramatic video that auto plays showing the best bits of London. This works on mobile.  On a large monitor the website is expansive and engaging and yet it is fully responsive so works perfectly on a mobile phone (or tablet for that matter). The future of web design is nearly here!

Responsive web design has been a long time coming. We have been through various unsatifactory iterations of designing for mobile to try and find an acceptable solution. We’ve had individual mobile sites trimmed down from the main site and then displayed on a different URL or the same url via device screen resolution detection. The solutions have had many drawbacks not least of which is maintaining an additional website and not giving the user the full fat version of the website. With responsive design we can even show a site that has a 2 or 3 column design on a mobile by displaying the sidebar content after the main content, you can see how this works on how’s health, as an example.

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